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Buddie is a very sweet puppy who loves to play! He had been left tied up to our vet's front door in Dec. 2001. This is not the first poor fur kid our vet has called asking us to help find a home for. Buddie appears to be a Chow/Retriever mix, about 6 mos. old. 9/11/02 Buddie goes in to be neutered...but we don't expect that will calm him down in the least as he is truly a puppy who seems to take more after his Retriever side in his activity level ;-] He is such a sweet loving little boy who needs a home where he will get tons of love, attention, play, and exercise.

2004: We kept Buddie way longer than originally planned. He was to go to a man who wanted him. We did something that we don't ever do...we held Buddie for this person instead of adopting him out to the next person who wanted him and qualified as a "perfect" home. That was our "bad". Long story short, we came to a parting of the ways and found that it would be a BIG mistake adopting Buddie out to the person we'd found not to be who we'd thought him to be. So, all that time later, Buddie felt like he was the family pet and loved his foster dad intensely. The biggest problem there was that Buddie needed to have his own family where he would get more attention/time/participation.

In the fall of 2003 Buddie temporarily had found a home with a family with 3 children. But unfortunately, it didn't work out as Buddie was scared and couldn't adjust. So, before anything bad happened, we picked him back up a few days after having left him there.

Buddie, a really sweet boy, was STILL the eternal Retriever puppy. He was active, happy, a true "nut", playful, energetic, and affectionate. He needed a home where he would get a lot of attention, play, love, and training. He could get hyper at times and needed to be calmed down a tad, he would get really excited when you came home, he did like to bark when he heard something that was out of place in his environment, and loved to run and play. So, we knew it would take just the right family to adopt him. All we could do was wait and hope it would be sooner than later.

December of 2004 Chow Rescue attended an adoption event at the Reston Town Centre in Reston, VA that was sponsored by GoodDogz. A wonderful family stopped by our booth and wanted to meet some of our Chows. They joined them in the pen we had set up there and visited for quite some time with Buddie. The boy fell in love with him as did his parents. They decided that they would like to adopt Buddie, but were afraid that someone would snatch him up before they could get their application in. We told them not to worry as that wasn't likely to happen. But they hurried home and filled out the online application right away so it was waiting for us when we got home that afternoon from the adoption event.

Buddie finally had a new home and family of his own that he so deserved. They already had another dog, Goldie, who didn't quite know what to make of the young upstart at first, but soon accepted him. And the best thing of all is that Buddie now has a boy all of his own to play and rough house with. His new family was very patient with him and helped him get over his fears of being someplace new and got him into special training to help him. Buddie sends us emails from time to time just to let us know he hasn't forgotten us and how things are going. And we still get to babysit every once in a while when his family goes on a trip out of town.

Buddie 2/06

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