Chas was owned by a family living in Maryland originally. One day the neighbors called the shelter after having noticed that Chas had been tied outside of the house for a couple of weeks. The problem was that the family had packed up the house and moved, leaving Chas tied to the house alone.

It seems that Chas had been allowed to run loose about the neighborhood. Unfortunately, he had been picked up by the animal warden several times and the family had to pay in order to retrieve him. So, it appears that they decided that when they moved they would just leave him behind. The shelter called us and told us how sweet he was and asked if we could take him into our system. So, we drove up to Maryland and picked him up.

The first home we placed Chas in did not work out. We'd gotten a call from a family whose son wanted to adopt Chas. Everything checked out well. The man lived at home with his parents and his one sister who had a Chow of her own. We visited the home several times while Chas lived with them. Then one night we got a call from the man's mother. Apparently he had been out late and when he arrived home, he let Chas out to do his "business". The yard had no fence, and Chas was not put out on an aerial tie-out, but rather just set out the door to run free. Little wonder that Chas went out for a romp and did not return until several hours later. Upon his return home, the man took Chas into the house and proceeded to hit the Chow with his motorcycle helmet. He missed Chas at one point and hit his mother's marble table top, breaking it. Consequently, his mother called us to tell us what happened, that she did not wish to see Chas abused, and wanted us to come pick him up immediately.

The next home we placed Chas in was a wonderful family who knew about his street running and realized they needed to take special precautions with him around doors and never allow him out unattended. At a later date they adopted a second Chow from us, Minshanko. But, as fate would have it, they eventually had a new baby who turned out to be highly allergic to the Chows, and they had to return them both to us on the baby's Dr.'s orders.

We took Chas back, and had him for well over a year when a couple came in to our adoption day and saw him. They had been in touch with us to say they were looking for a red Chow, as they had lost their female. They visited us at the store several times and got to know all of our Chows very well, including Chas. They kept saying that there was no way that Chas could ever go to someone else as he was most definitely attached to us and loved us too much to bond with anyone else. We kept telling them that Chas would have no problem going to the right home. Everyone always asked why it was that we had Chas for so long, but we would not allow him to go to just anyone. We wanted to be certain that the home was "just the right one" before we ever let him go. Finally they decided that they loved our little Chas and wanted him to go home with them. Meanwhile, Chas' new daddy's sister had been coming up to the store as well, fell in love with one of the little girls that we had at the same time, and took her home too! The nice thing is that Chas and Lexie live next door to one another and have one another as playmates.

Chas no longer runs free in the streets. His new family started him out on the aerial tie out, but then started taking him out into the yard without restraint so he could run and play. They never left him unattended and Chas finally grew secure in his new home to the extent that he has never attempted to scale the short fence around his and Lexie's yards. Chas goes on all trips with his parents; and his Dad takes him everywhere in the car with him. Chas is in the best home we could have ever wanted to find and he is very well loved as he always deserved to be.

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